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Co-Designing Your Sustainable Way Forward In Times of Disruptive Change.

The Kind Code is about helping individuals, teams, and organizations alike, to design a sustainable way forward in times of change and disruption. This help comes in the form of coaching and consulting, guided by a co-design framework that employs an innovative mix of Design Thinking, Product, Strategy, and Systems  - in the technological sense; and People and Systems - in the psychological sense.

These services are available online worldwide, and online or in-person across The Netherlands.

The Kind Code will be the right approach for you if you are ready and committed to transforming your own life, your team, or your organization into a product of your own design, and to lean into kindness as a springboard to a thriving and intentional future.

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Your life is changing at a fast pace.

And this can feel overwhelming even for the strongest of people, regardless of whether the new context is better or worse than the past.

Be it about becoming a parent, starting a new job, retirement, or unexpected hardships, I can help you tap into your inner resilience, amplify it, and navigate such transitions in your life with intent, autonomy, and kindness, towards a point where you stand tall on your feet again.

The one-on-one coaching process empowers you, as the expert of your past experience and future ambitions, to (re-)design your life according to your own, unique vision.

Together, we co-create an authentic and sustainable life design for you, through a process that's mixing in elements of Design Thinking, Product Management, Transactional Analysis, Re-decision Therapy, Embodied Coaching, and Systemic Work.

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Self-organized. Virtual. Remote. Hybrid.  Cross-cultural. Distributed. Functional. Cross-Functional. Crisis. Investigation. Project. Leadership. Management Boards. You name it.

Whichever the flavor of structure and leadership, a team is ultimately a group of people that faces challenges at a psychological level whenever changes to its composition take place. 

Oftentimes, these challenges are  undermined or maybe even overlooked, making room for toxic patterns of interaction and group dynamics to emerge, and to render the team less safe and, ultimately, less effective.

I coach leaders and teams on onboarding, restructurings, and re-integrating group members (i.e. after parental leave, sabbaticals, or burnout).

Together, we focus on (re-)establishing healthy group dynamics that enable the group to pivot swiftly through the change into thriving mode.

In this process, I work together with the entire group, as well as in one-on-one sessions, and I employ various techniques from Transactional Analysis, Group Dynamics, and Systemic Work.

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​Finding and retaining talent in today's organizational ecosystem is still a big challenge, with mass resignations and layoffs pointing at strategic struggles across multiple industries.

For organizations that need high intensity and sustainable high performance at the same time, I provide consulting on aspects related to Onboarding, Retention, Diversity, Inclus, and Organizational Culture.

Together with the leadership team, I facilitate a co-design process for the Onboarding, Retention, and Culture strategies that kindly cater for the People, while pragmatically  respecting the business vision and ambitions of the firm.

This co-creative process combines  the leaders' experience and expertise with my own professional experience in high-intensity, high-performance work environments, and with my expertise in Group Dynamics, Organizational Culture, Behavioral Sciences, Design Thinking, and Strategy.

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Guided by a co-design framework that combines elements of Design Thinking with Technical Product Management, Social sciences, Group Dynamics

On a Personal journey, we  co-create an authentic and sustainable life design from you.

We take the time to understand what is in the Here and Now, and what got you here. 

Then, we explore multiple scenarios, and question what if? For the exciting outlooks, we seek to understand what would get you there.

And then the strategic work starts: we connect the dots, and find out what works, and what blocks.

With each step, there are technical tasks, and there are points of tapping into your undertow - this is where the coaching takes place. We search for your resilience and strengths in the present, and use them to identify and overcome misconceptions and obstacles that block your paths to to the desired future(s). Where we find tools and frameworks that work for you, I teach you how they work, so that you can try to use them on your own in future challenges. You will hear, among others, about Design Thinking, Product Management, Transactional Analysis, Embodied Coaching, Re-decision Therapy, Systemic Work, Life Design, and Personal Business Models.


You can find out in a free, 30-minutes introduction call wherein we discuss your current situation and your challenges more in depth. During this chat, I will seek to understand what your needs are, how the challenges relate to the needs, and how the general approach can be tweaked to best suit you. Ultimately, each Personal journey is unique, and caters for your own, unique, and whole self.

We will also talk about past coaching, mentoring, or therapy experiences, and, if applicable, what worked and what did not work for you.

After the introductory call, you take the time to reflect and to weigh the option of starting the journey. You can immediately think "I want this!", or you might need more time to take a decision. No matter how long it takes to come to it, the journey can only be successful if there is strong commitment on both sides. 

Get to know your partner

Your partner.

>35 years
Active listening and growth mindset

13+ years
Software Design and Development,
Engineering Leadership and Mentoring

3+ years
Risk Product Management,
C-level contact, and Mentoring

10+ years

Self-work, therapy, supervision,

formal Transactional Analysis trainings and workshops

>50,000 Hours
Creative, strategic, and critical thinking


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Management and Organizational Development

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Scenario-based Strategy

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Transactional Analysis

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Risk Management

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Embodied Coaching and Psychotherapy

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Computer Science

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