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Co-Designing Your Sustainable Way Forward In Times of Disruptive Change

The Kind Code stands for helping individuals, teams, and organizations to design a sustainable way forward in times of change and disruption. This help comes in the form of consulting and coaching guided by a co-design framework that employs an innovative mix of Design Thinking, Risk Management, Product Development, Strategy, and Systems Theory  - in the technological sense; and Behavioral Sciences and Neuroscience  - in the human sense.

These services are available worldwide online and online or in-person in the Noord Holland region of  The Netherlands.

The Kind Code is dedicated to people who are ready and committed to transforming their own lives, their teams, or their organizations into a product of their own design and to lean into kindness as a springboard to a thriving and intentional future.

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One-on-one co-creative program to design an intentional and authentic way forward starting in the here and now.

Tailored for people going through significant changes in their personal or professional life, such as becoming a parent, starting a new job,  moving countries, career switches, retirement, or unexpected hardships.

Team coaching


Leadership, individual, and group co-creative program to (re-)establish healthy team dynamics, unlock the synergistic potential of the group, and swiftly pivot into thriving mode.

Tailored for teams going through moments of disruptive change such as team forming, onboarding, offboarding, re-integration of group members after lengthy absence, or restructuring.

Organizational development


Co-creative program with the executive teams to assess People Risk, and design onboarding, retention, diversity and inclusion, and culture strategies that kindly cater for the people while pragmatically  respecting the business vision and ambitions of the firm.

Tailored for organizations that put people first and, at the same time, need high intensity and sustainable high performance to maintain their competitive edge.


All of the programs are co-creative, meaning that you are empowered as the expert of your experience and future ambitions - for your own life, your team, or your organization - to (re-) design a sustainable way forward according to your unique vision.

We are guided by a co-design framework that combines technical consulting tasks with points of tapping into the undertow. This is where the coaching takes place, and what makes each journey ultimately unique for individuals and groups alike.

We start by assessing what is in the here and now - both above and beyond the surface. 

Then, we employ strategic thinking to imagine and explore multiple desired future scenarios. We assess viability, establish your vision, and understand which path is best-suited to get you there, and what is needed in order for it to become a success. 

From there, each program continues as-needed as on-demand coaching or consulting sessions.

After completing the co-design program, you can choose to book a complimentary retrospective session to reflect together on your progress.


Cristina Stam

Technology and Risk Management professional with 16+ years of experience in Software Design and Development, Risk, Leadership, and Product and Stakeholder Management, across several industries. 

Vigorous and altruistic helper and growth catalyst, with a can-do attitude and an outstanding ability to listen, identify potential, lean in, and connect the dots.

Now connecting my technical background with my knowledge and passion for design, behavioral sciences, and neuroscience into journeys that turn disruptive change into crafted futures in the personal and the professional domains.

Areas of Expertise
Organizational design
Transactional Analysis
Embodied Coaching and Psychotherapy

Management and






Coaching and


Scenario-based Strategy

Scenario-based Strategy

Risk Management



Computer Science




You can find out in a free 30-minute introduction call, during which we will discuss your current situation and challenges more in depth. During this chat, I can answer all of your questions about the programs. From my end, I will seek to understand your needs, how the challenges relate to those needs, and how the general approach can be further tailored to best suit you. 

We will also discuss any past consulting and coaching experiences you may have had, and, if applicable, what worked and what did not work for you.

After the introductory call, you take the time to reflect and to weigh the option of starting a program. You may immediately think "This is it!" or you may need more time to make a decision. Take your time! No matter how long it takes to come to a decision, the journey can only be successful if there is strong commitment on both sides. 

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