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Are you part of a hyper-competitive environment, and do you struggle with the tension between the desire to nurture a People-first culture, and at the same time the imperative need to establish a high-intensity working model in order to retain your strategic edge?

Has your culture evolved organically to a point where it hinders your growth or diversity and inclusion strategies?

Then it is likely that, regardless of the size of your organization, its undertow carries degenerative dynamics that put your performance and attractiveness as an employer at risk, while staying completely outside of leadership awareness.

Through a co-creative consulting process involving your executive teams, leaders, and people across the organization, you can tap into this undertow, and shift from a Culture by Growth to a Culture by Design model, where high performance is made sustainable by healthy group dynamics within and between your teams.


On an organizational consulting journey, we assess People and Culture risks, and co-design onboarding, retention, diversity and inclusion, and culture strategies that lean into kindness as a foundational element, while pragmatically respecting the vision and ambitions of the firm.

We start by learning how the organization looks like in the here and now, what its purpose and vision are, who is part of it, what the roles and responsibilities are, and what characterizes its culture. We zoom in on the dynamics and the struggles of the teams.

We brainstorm to explore multiple futures for the organization in terms of people, and question what if? For the exciting outlooks, we seek to understand what it takes to get there. For the negative ones, we seek to understand what it takes to be prepared. We draw up the horizon, and define your people vision.

We then dive into strategic planning, connecting the dots to determine what works, and what blocks your path to this vision.

With each step, there are technical tasks and points of tapping into the undertow of the organization. People from all layers are involved at various stages.

Where we find tools and frameworks that work for you, you learn how they work, so that you can use them on your own in future challenges. You will hear, among others, about Design Thinking, Product Management, Transactional Analysis, Group Dynamics, Re-decision Therapy, Systemic Work, and Lean.


You can find out in a free 30-minute introduction call, during which we will discuss your current situation and challenges more in depth. During this chat, I can answer all of your questions about the programs. From my end, I will seek to understand your needs, how the challenges relate to those needs, and how the general approach can be further tailored to best suit you. 

We will also discuss any past consulting and coaching experiences you may have had, and, if applicable, what worked and what did not work for you.

After the introductory call, you take the time to reflect and to weigh the option of starting a program. You may immediately think "This is it!" or you may need more time to make a decision. Take your time! No matter how long it takes to come to a decision, the journey can only be successful if there is strong commitment on both sides. 

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