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Are you at the start of a new season in your professional or personal life?

Finding yourself stressed and stuck in an impasse?

Going through unexpected hardships or through an experience that turns your entire world upside down?

Then it is likely a time of mixed, or very strong, potentially overwhelming emotions, without a clear way forward in sight. And this can feel overwhelming even for the strongest of people.

In a one-on-one coaching program, I can help you reflect on the present and future with structure,  with clarity, and with kindness. Together, we tap into your inner resilience and amplify it, so that you not only survive, but actually grow through what you go through.

For whatever it is that life throws at you, I truly believe that you have the strength in you to craft a sustainable new way forward.


On a Personal journey, we  co-create an authentic and sustainable life design for you. You are empowered, as the expert of your past experience and future ambitions, to shape your future according to your own, unique vision, guided by a co-design framework.

We first take the time to understand what is in the Here and Now, and what got you here. 

Then, we explore multiple scenarios, and question what if? For the exciting outlooks, we seek to understand what would get you there, and define your vision.

We then dive into strategic planning, connecting the dots to determine what works, and what blocks your path to this vision.

With each step, there are technical tasks, and there are points of tapping into your undertow - this is where the coaching takes place. We search for your resilience and strengths in the present, and use them to identify and overcome misconceptions and obstacles that block your paths to to the desired future(s). Where we find tools and frameworks that work for you, I teach you how they work, so that you can try to use them on your own in future challenges. You will hear, among others, about Design Thinking, Product Management, Transactional Analysis, Embodied Coaching, Re-decision Therapy, Systemic Work, Life Design, and Personal Business Models.


You can find out in a free 30-minute introduction call, during which we will discuss your current situation and challenges more in depth. During this chat, I can answer all of your questions about the programs. From my end, I will seek to understand your needs, how the challenges relate to those needs, and how the general approach can be further tailored to best suit you. 

We will also discuss any past coaching, mentoring, and therapy experiences you may have had, and, if applicable, what worked and what did not work for you.

After the introductory call, you take the time to reflect and to weigh the option of starting a program. You may immediately think "This is it!" or you may need more time to make a decision. Take your time! No matter how long it takes to come to a decision, the journey can only be successful if there is strong commitment on both sides. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema
During our time together, Cristina consistently demonstrated her dedication to helping me achieve my goals. As an excellent communicator and attentive listener, I truly appreciated her ability to create a safe and comfortable space where I could freely share my struggles and seek advice without feeling judged. Whether I had questions, needed feedback, or required additional support, Cristina was always available to assist me. And she did so with a level of kindness, understanding, and empathy that made me feel truly valued and cared for.

Junna, Netherlands

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