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I'm Cristina Stam, your partner for Co-Designing ways forward in times of disruptive change.

The Kind Code is a product of my own Design: a series of journeys that transform my knowledge, my strengths, and  my professional and personal experience, into a meaningful contribution to the private and the working lives of others - individuals, teams, and organizations.

My approach as your partner on these journeys is unique in that it combines process elements from my technical background with social sciences, and with the deep understanding and personal experience of both the human and the high-performance needs of today's private and professional environments.

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From Software Engineering and Risk Management to Consulting and Coaching by Co-design.

After 16+ years of Software Engineering and Risk Management, thinking in Systems, Algorithms, Design, Strategy, Risk and Reward, has become my second nature.


Throughout this time, I've learned to befriend disruptive changes - crossing multiple teams, roles, managers, responsibilities, organizations, fields, cultures, and countries.

All along the way, the few things that stayed constant were staying kind to others, and seeking to deeply understand  and to revive the forces at play within people and groups.

I started my self-work journey more than 10 years ago, and this quickly became my newfound passion, giving me an insatiable appetite for personal growth. 

Learning how to use various frameworks and tools to understand myself, others, and dynamics at play, has unleashed my potential for facilitating lasting positive change in others.

I went on to engage in formal trainings, and continued my personal journey through coaching and supervision. 


By designing The Kind Code, I am connecting the dots of my technical self to my deeper purpose, and I am formally putting my experience and knowledge in the social domain to work, as a consultant and coach

My approach to use co-design is motivated by a strong belief in that assuming responsibility and ownership for their part is key to thriving. Being equal collaborators in designing the solutions to their needs empowers people to wholly understand, define, and assume their part, leading to the best outcomes. 


Image by Akson

Management and Organizational Development

2-years training trajectory at the TA Academy in The Netherlands, alongside complementary workshops and formal supervision.

Image by Paul Skorupskas

Scenario-based Strategy

Individual module of the Executive MSc in Insurance and Risk at the Amsterdam Business School.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Transactional Analysis

TA 101 at the TA Academy in The Netherlands.

Training on TA practice in Leadership and Coaching at YTCi in Romania.

Image by GR Stocks

Risk Management

Training for the ISO3100 Risk Manager certification by PECB, and 3+ years of professional experience

Image by Bret Kavanaugh

Embodied Coaching and Psychotherapy

Training at the TA Academy in The Netherlands.

Image by Goran Ivos

Computer Science

University degree and 13+ years of professional experience.

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